Friday, May 19, 2006

How come Britney Spears doesn't have to take Parenting Classes?

Cause she clearly needs some! Check out this story of her almost dropping her baby son on his noggin because she was holding a drink in one hand and almost tripped on her too-high shoes. At least she did not spill her drink. Whew!

To get licensed as a foster mother, I had to get fingerprinted, answer questions about masturbation, buy a fire extinguisher that weighed over 5 pounds and sit through hours of parenting classes and videos. Britney just had to have sex. Granted, it was with KFed, so that is its own particular chore, but still.

That girl either needs to hire a nanny, stop carrying her child, or stop carrying her child while she also carries a drink and wears silly shoes.

Oh and the New York Times reports that one of the most popular girls' names is Nevaeh. It's Heaven spelled backwards. Yup yup.

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