Sunday, April 30, 2006

Guess what I learned this weekend?

So I wanted to make brownies. The recipe called for two eggs but I only had one. So I made the brownies with just one egg. Guess what I learned? That makes the brownies really, really hard and crunchy. But they are still tasty! Kind of like biscotti. But square, instead of long and rectangular. They are good when I dunk them in tea. I will make you some hard, crunchy-biscotti-like brownies if you ask me nicely and I only have one egg.


bunkboy925 said...

they sound yummy that way. But, by the by, you can "moisten" them a bit by putting a couple or three slices of plain wheat bread, and the brownies, inside a sealed tupperware container.
You can do the same thing with Oreo cookies. It makes them appear hard, but they're actually quite gummy. It freaks most people out. Good trick.
Oh, and you can "flavor" plain sugar cookies this way, too. Just use something like cinnamon raisin or another kind of "specialty" bread.
And finally, I'm quite certain you can sub some veggie oil in place of the missing egg.
I know, I'm such a buzzkill.

ksqwrite said...

I am trying to give the brownies away to students. One took one and ganwed on it for a while.