Tuesday, January 31, 2006

George Clooney gets four Oscar nominations!

RandomReality is blogging bright and early this morning because of wonderful news! My Fantasty Boyfriend, George Clooney, received FOUR Oscar nominations! HEE!

His movie "Good Night and Good Luck" is one of the Best Picture nominees. George got nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Syriana," (a good movie although I still don't exactly know what was happening in it); Best Director and Best Screenplay. SHRIEKK!

Right now, I am telling you all NOT to call me on March 5 during the Oscars unless you wish to hear incoherent burbling and squealing from me.

Now, if I only I can meet him in the next few weeks and convince him to take me to the Oscars as his date. Hmmm. How to do that. Must ponder.

Russell Crowe was shut out of the Best Actor category for "Cinderella Man," even though he was very, very good in the movie.

Here are the nominees for Best Picture: "Munich," "Capote," "Good Night and Good Luck," "Crash" and "Brokeback Mountain." I feel very hip and in-the-know because I saw them all.

My friend Karen saw "Brokeback Mountain" last night and this is how she sums up the cowboys' tormented love: "If they can't be together, at least their shirts can." (You gotta watch to the end of the movie to get that. Hee.)


kmgnavy said...

Thanks for the nod for my review of Brokeback.  Go George!!!!

ksqwrite said...

"I wisht I knew how to quit you!"

tmc9575572 said...

YO YO all the homies in the crib this is so totally awesome. WORD DAWG