Saturday, October 1, 2005

"In Her Shoes"

I saw a sneak preview of the new movie "In Her Shoes," starring Cameron Diaz,  Toni Collette and the wonderful Shirley Maclaine. It is the story of two sister from Philadelphia and their grandmother in South Florida. Go see it! I urge you. The actress playing the elderly and snarky Mrs. Lefkowitz deserves an Oscar.

You all know that I am a big fan of Jennifer Weiner's novels. Weiner is a former Philadelphia Inquirer author who switched to creative writing with her first novel, "Good In Bed."

"In Her Shoes" is her second novel and the first to be made into a movie. Yes, it is a chick flick but guys will like it, too. Plus, Cameron Diaz spends part of the movie either in her underpants or a bikini. So that is a plus for the guys.

Bring tissues. I cried through a bunch of the movie. But in a good way. It is not like anyone dies.Even Mrs. Lefkowitz, who looks pretty darn old.

The movie was shot in Philadelphia and the city looks great. Another section of the movie was shot in a retirement community in South Florida and from my years of living down there, it is spot on.

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