Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Ahhhh! George Clooney

A lovely, lovely story about George Clooney and how principled he is. Here is the link and an excerpt:


LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- Wouldn't it be great if more movie stars were like George Clooney?

He's the modern model: He's too cool to demand a $20 million salary to prove his self-worth; he writes, directs and produces; and he expends his movie star capital to push for the things he believes in.

"I'm a hybrid," Clooney said recently, after he accepted the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival's first Spirit of Independence Award. "I succeed in both worlds. I hope that selling out on 'Ocean's Eleven' is not such a bad deal. The trade-off is, I get to go make something uncommercial that will probably lose money."

Clooney is confident enough to go toe to toe with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly or to protect a movie extra from an abusive director or to coax not only fellow "flaming liberals" to join his campaign against hunger in Africa but also Pat Robertson as well. (On ABC's "Nightline," Clooney got the televangelist to admit that in certain extreme situations, condom use is a good thing.)

And when a completion bond company backed out of Clooney's second directing effort, the $8 million black-and-white drama "Goodnight, and Good Luck," starring David Strathairn as newsman Edward R. Murrow, Clooney offered to put up his house, worth $7 million, to insure the movie himself.

This is not your average star.

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