Monday, November 22, 2004

Religious experience

Oh.My.God. I had a semi-religious experience this weekend as U2 appeared on "Saturday Night Live." They were awesome. Just awesome. I stared in rapt attention during their performances and then my sister and I called each other to squeal and basically make excited gleaping, gurgling sounds at one another since we were too worked up to form actual words.

The band performed three songs on-camera and apparently a few more after the show went off the air. One of the best parts was seeing the SNL cast members having conniptions from excitement as they watched the band. Bono hugged Amy Pohler and Maya Rudolph was so excited she was crying. I am with ya, sister.

The whole band looked cool, even after being together since 1979 and their sound was just so tight. They really do rock. Their album comes out Tuesday. GLEEEP!


bunkboy925 said...

OK, disown me if you want, but U2 passed its prime in the mid- to late-80s. Taking a realisitic, balanced look at things, Joshua Tree can be considered the band's last great stand. Irish rockers bucking the system, invading American airwaves with a unique sound that grabbed one's attention at first listen, but required several airings to fully appreciate is what the band was supposed to be about. (We won't even discuss U2's complete abandonment of the Irish social statement position and its odd adoption of global causes. That's not original, that's expected of a band with international fame.) Once they achieved American recognition, everything else can (and should be) considered an attempt at keeping the duckets flowing.
Take off the blinders, unplug your glee-bloated ears and listen to "Bad," and you'll understand why that music is nothing like "Vertigo" ... and for good reason.
The best thing that could have happened to U2 would have been a death or breakup sometime around 1989. From that point out, the rest is just pre-determined commercial rock with flashy lights and unoriginal thoughts.

ksqwrite said...