Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Very News 2 Christmas

My journalism student, Ashley Cline, wrote a Christmas Carol for me! 
It is about writing an assignment for our News 2 class at Rowan University.

Enjoy and hum along!

T’was the night before deadline and all through the house, 
Frantic fingers tapped the keys and clicked on the mouse.
Notes were strewn across the desk without a single care, In hopes that
a nutgraph soon would be there.

The sources were nestled all snug in their beds 
While visions of  retractions danced in Journo’s head.
 And editors getting nervous, and Journo needing a nap
 Will never finish this STORY, wait why’s that in CAPS?

 When out on the desktop there arouse such a clatter
 Journo minimized Word to see what was the matter.
 Away to Facebook student flew like a flash, 
Closed out of Twitter and clicked on the dash.

 The notification square on the little blue globe 
Let Journo realize, “I’m not forever alone!”
 When, what to the wandering eye should appear 
But a much needed video of a kitten’s cute cheer.

 With over a million Youtube hits
Journo knew in a moment, “this must be legit.”
More adorable than babies and time passing quick 
Youtube became priority and Journo a lunatic.

Now laughter, now distraction, now diversion and recreation!
To the top of the search bar, to the most watched clips Now watch all
the videos, watch all the contents.

As it so often does, minutes began to fly by 
And Journo sat on Youtubenot minding the time.
So up until midnight, the Interwebs chugged 
And produced content unrelated to the story’s slug.

And then in a second, of mental reprieve 
Youtube gave way to Twitter and memes.
As the clock continued to wind down and down 
Journo’s story sat out yet another round.

Having only 100 words, with a sidebar still due The Internets, 
Journo would soon come to rue.
A bundle of quotes, thrown out and ignored 
With deadline approaching as well as the morn.

The lead— how it lacked and used a clich√©
 The following paragraphs in disarray!
The sole little byline, italicized for show 
The headline wouldn’t stick, not even with Velcro!

The coffee cup clanking, and hitting Journo’s teeth 
Alerted, the student knew that there’d never be sleep.
Youtube and Twitter and Facebook all closed 
As Journo opened the story and dawn arose.

A quick study and pumped, filled up with coffee 
Journo set out to finish writing the story.
 A blink of the eyes and a crack of the knuckles 
Alerted Microsoft Word that it was time to hustle.

Speaking not a word and without going berserk
 Journo soon sorted through all the paperwork.
 Sources were quoted and facts were made clear 
It appeared as though Journo had nothing to fear.

Reread and revised, the article was written and set 
Meeting deadline Journo succeeded, defying all bets.
But with a sigh, Journo swore, “never again will I procrastinate”
Then looked at the calendar and said “When’s my next deadline? Oh yeah, that can wait.”

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