Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Donald Trump's wedding

My friend Missy from the Sun-Sentinel in Florida got to cover the chaos surrounding Donald Trump's wedding. I am soooooo jealous. Here is what she had to say, and a link to her article:

Well, the big day has come and gone and my feet are still killing me. Five
> and a half hours in heels! It was definitely an interesting experience
> though one I don't care to repeat anytime soon. To call it a media circus
> would be an understatement. We were sandwiched between Access Hollywood,
> Entertainment Tonight and ET Insider. The number of paparazzi was
> absolutley insane. They are so aggressive and pushy. When Donald and
> Melania drove past after the ceremony I thought one of those crazy phtogs
> was going to get run over. With the exception of that quick drive-by, we
> didn't get an up-close view of Melania. Apparently she arrived at the
> church very early. In an (successful) effort to shield Melania from the
> media, large plants were positioned along the windows of the hallway where
> she walked to the sanctuary. 
> I arrived to the media area, located directly across from the church, at 3
> p.m. I interviewed gawkers and police. About 6 o'clock, the first limo
> pulled up and much to the crowd's dismay, it was an older couple who bore
> zero celeb status. The groans could be heard across the causeway. Shortly
> afterward, Donald's sidekick George from The Apprentice pulled up and the
> crowd went wild. The other Apprentice star, Carolyn, showed up soon after.
> Other celebs I saw included: Barbara Walters, Billy Joel (who came in the
> back seat of a white Cadillac station wagon), supermodel Heidi Klum,
> rapper Russell Simmons, Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos, Frank and Kathie
> Lee Giffird, Star Jones Reynolds (thinner than I was expecting), Shaquille
> O'Neal, Gayle King (Oprah's best friend, tho no Oprah), Mickey Aronson
> (owns Carnival Cruise Lines and the Miami Heat), New York Gov. George
> Pataki and many others. The nuptials lasted about 25 minutes and then the
> celebs poured out of the church to pile back into their limos. Billy Joel
> (and his tall, beautiful and YOUNG new wife) was gracious enough to come
> talk to reporters. The rest of them just waved and drove off. In a
> nutshell, that's it. I've tried attaching a link to the story below.
> Hopefully it will work. 
> Cheers,
> Missy


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